How to use Low-Latency HLS with MediaPackage?


I want to build a solution for live and on-demand video streaming. My custom service will receive RTMP streams, produce HLS and dump it to S3/stream it directly to MediaPackage. To make the latency lower, I want my custom service to output Low-Latency HLS (community, not the Apple one). I want to achieve it by using segments with ~2s duration and EXT-X-PREFETCH tag.

  • Will MediaPackage be able to process this?
  • If so, will the HLS outputted by MediaPackage also be "low-latency"?
  • Can I use MediaPackage to produce Low-Latency HLS for me (instead of implementing this in my custom service)?
1 Answer

Additional information is required to understand what type of HLS Low Latency is being implemented. The reference to 'community, not the Apple one' does not provide details on what features are desired to achieve LL.

AWS MediaPackage does not currently support the Apple HLS-LL requirements. Though 2sec segments can be used with MediaPackage, the The EXT-X-PREFETCH tag contained in HLS manifests will not trigger any function to provide partial segment data.

Full system latency is dependent on encoding time, origin processing (MediaPackage) and CDN delivery. Any HLS LL delivery would require all components to support the mechanism being used.

answered 2 years ago

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