My website is very slow


My website ( is very slow. There are 2 minutes of response time on average per page There are no errors in the system logs or apache logs. Do you have an idea ?

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As well as CloudWatch Metrics for your resources, you might want to look at exploring CloudWatch Synthetics and/or RUM to get some visibility into the end user experience of your website.

Amazon CloudWatch Synthetics: Amazon CloudWatch RUM:

You can also find some hands-on exploration for both in the Observability workshop:

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Are you checking the metrics of your website?

Is the site always slow? Are there any conditions to be late? As far as I could see, it was fast.

You can check CloudWatch metrics and monitor the resource status of your web server to gain insights into what is affecting your website's performance.

Alternatively, if you're not having problems with your web server, you can use Chrome's developer tools to analyze whether you're having problems with your network or your browser's rendering.

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