aws codecommit put-file not working properly


I'm trying to push individual files to a CodeCommit repository following the instructions at with AWS CLI. My command reads: aws codecommit put-file --repository-name MY_REPOSITORY --branch-name main --file-content --file-path GUI/ --parent-commit-id a7ddbb7a99dd37c9e2c5fe378eba1187xxxxxxxx --name "Name" --email "my-email" --commit-message "Adding file from EC2 instance." The problem is that it creates the file but the content of the file is NOT the content of (a bunch of python lines) but the only line of the new file reads literally Thanks.

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To correctly upload the content of, you should use the file:// prefix with the --file-content parameter, which tells the AWS CLI to read the content from the specified file. Your command should look like this:

aws codecommit put-file \
    --repository-name MY_REPOSITORY \
    --branch-name main \
    --file-content file://path/to/ \
    --file-path GUI/ \
    --parent-commit-id a7ddbb7a99dd37c9e2c5fe378eba1187xxxxxxxx \
    --name "Name" \
    --email "my-email" \
    --commit-message "Adding file from EC2 instance."

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answered 3 months ago
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reviewed 3 months ago
  • This is bit odd. It works for transferring a file from the home directory but when, I try pushing from the /opt directory, it's generating the error "Error parsing parameter '--file-content': Unable to load paramfile file:///opt..."

  • You may need to use sudo to elevate access to /opt Or try file://opt/

  • Sorry but with the storm, I forgot to follow up on this matter. I had tried both options on Friday (even switching to superuser with $ sudo su) but was getting other errors. I'm accepting the answer because this seems to be the best we can do at this point, but this issue should probably be elevated either to the CLI or CodeCommit Teams.

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