Problem with Blue/Green deployment with parameter group


I'm doing a MySQL upgrade from version 5 to version 8 using a blue/green deployment.

When creating a blue-green deployment I only get one error:

RDS Blue/Green Deployments only support default option groups for major version upgrades. Don't specify a major version upgrade when you create the blue/green deployment. After you create the blue/green deployment, you can upgrade the database in the green environment.

First I created an environment without a parameter group, the first time I received an error, I created a parameter group for MySQL 8. The new parameter group appeared in the parameter group drop-down, but I still get the same error. Also, not without pain (since it is not obvious), I reset the new group of parameters to the default version. A new group appeared in the drop-down, which I selected and still an error (

Tell me how to create a blue/green deployment correctly?

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Good afternoon! You need to create a green database with the same MySQL version, and then perform a major version upgrade on the green database once it's created. This is because your database is using custom option groups. To do this

  1. Select your database in RDS
  2. Create Blue/Green Deployment
  3. Select the same engine version for the green database as the blue database (Not MySQL 8)
  4. Once the blue green deployment is created and both Blue and Green databases are available, select the green database and then Modify -> Engine Version to MySQL 8.

Please let me know if you have any follow up questions.

answered 2 months ago

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