I want to host videos on AWS and embed these videos in WordPress +


Hello, I have a site that offers training courses. This site is built on WordPress

  1. I would like to host these videos on AWS and embed them on my WordPress site 2.I want to enable a protection system on these videos so that they appear to users Dynamic Watermark with their ID
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Question 1: You can store your vides in Amazon S3, the vast object storage. Depending on your application, the videos could be saved as MP4s, HLS, DASH, etc. Then create an Amazon CloudFront Distribution that allows reading of those videos. Along with this, use OAC (Origin Access Control) which configures the S3 Bucket(s) to allow reading to occur only from the CloudFront distribution. You may need to create several Origins in the distribution if multiple S3 bucket are used. Then place the CloudFront distribution + file reference URL links in your WordPress site. Question 2: Dynamic Watermarking for each viewer: Will this be viewable or a hidden watermark? This could be achieved using AWS Elemental MediaConvert to transcode the video on the fly, using a burned in ID number in the video. MediaConvert has a feature that allows for growing HLS manifests, for dynamic needs such as this. It would take some building and is not an available solution that exists to day. Also, it would require an authentication system for validating the user and providing an ID. Example: Videos are Stored as MP4 Files

  • Amazon Cognito for view authentication and ID
  • Lambda function to obtain ID and create an image of ID
  • Lambda function to create a MediaConvert transcode job with ID image into HLS, placed in S3 bucket
  • CloudFront to retrieve the HLS stream from S3 and provide to the WordPress sight. This is a bit complex to build. There may be existing third party solutions for Dynamic Watermarking solutions.
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