Will I have to develop an app using amplify separately for android and ios?


I am developing an app using amazon amplify. Frontend using figma, will I have to develop the app separately for ios and android or I will have to just design the frontend part separately for android and ios?

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With Amazon Amplify, you can build cross-platform mobile apps with a shared codebase that runs on both iOS and Android. So you don't need to build completely separate native apps for each platform. However, you will likely need to create platform-specific UI code and assets for iOS and Android. For example, you can use Figma to design UI mockups for each platform that follow their respective design guidelines. You would then implement those platform-specific UIs in code, while sharing other non-UI business logic and data access code across platforms using Amplify.

So in summary - you don't need fully separate codebases for iOS and Android, but you do need to account for platform differences in UI/UX design and implementation. The exact split between shared and platform-specific code will depend on your app architecture and complexity.

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