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I have my domain in Godaddy ( . I already have configure an amazon certificate and the is pointing with the use of cname to the cloudfront distribution. I want to also point to the distribution. But the issue is that cloudfront has no static IP to assign to the godaddy apex domain. I tried to forward through godaddy but it is not working for both http and https. So I imagine that I somehow have to utilise route 53. Any suggestion will be highly appreciated . Thanks in advance for your time.

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In order to use ACM certificates on CloudFront, you should follow below steps.

  1. First create a hosted zone in Route53 with your apex domain i.e.
  2. Once created, copy the 4 NS records of the new hosted zone to your GoDaddy domain. This causes your domain to use Route53 name-servers going forward.
  3. Select you newly created hosted zone, create an A record with Alias enabled, and select your CloudFront distribution from the dropdown.
  4. To create an ACM certificate, select us-east-1 (north virginia) region, as CloudFront certificates needs to be created only in this region.
  5. Use DNS Validation when provisioning the certificate using ACM, it takes some time to validate the domain. But if your domain is configured correctly, it will pass the validation in roughly 5 minutes.
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  • You're now using Route53 for DNS. If you previously had any other records in your zone file (eg. MX, other A records, etc) you'll need to re-create those in Route53

  • We had some issues with godaddy and it seems like the above never worked. We were forwarding the apex domain to the cloudfront. Now that we managed to disable it. With the above configs the apex domain is parked for http . Shall we delete the A pointing to park into godaddy? But even then it not seems that godaddy is going to use route53 because it should use it right after we deleted the forwarding. Another thing is that there are many other partis using the godaddy domain to host other functionalities. So we cannot move the nameservers to route 53 at all I guess


This is possible in Route53 because of a Route-53 specific extension to DNS functionality called Alias records.

Unlike a CNAME, you can create an ALIAS record for the zone apex, which will deliver the functionality you're looking for.

Is there a specific reason why you would not consider hosting the domain with Route53? If you do not want to move it, the best alternative is probably to set up a redirection from the apex to www, but this would need to be hosted somewhere where you can get a static IP address for it, unless Godaddy offer this as a service.

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  • It is not possible to move it. Also redirection in godaddy is failing for https. We considering use AWS Global Accelerator so we can retrieve a static Ip and assign it to the apex domain in godaddy

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