How to trigger an event bridge rule for sagemaker training job when failed?


I create training job via script and the name for each training job is assigned by sagemaker in this patter , 'somehash-mysagemakerpipeline-2024...'

I created an event bridge rule to capture training job that fails, but I want to narrow it down to training job with specific names , in this case names that contains '...mysagemakerpipeline ...' everything else in that training job name is auto assign.

how can i achieve this?

  "source": ["aws.sagemaker"],
  "detail-type": ["SageMaker Training Job State Change"],
  "detail": {
    "ProcessingJobStatus": ["Failed"]
1 Answer

If you have the failure event message, then use that to identify which key pair has the resource name and use that key to filter based on the arn


answered 2 months ago
  • @Landerson - thanks. I'm sending the event notification to a sns topic, not sure where should i put the filter or filtering logic

  • The filter should be added in the event bridge rule... Let me see if I can find some example snippet

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