Switch an EC2 instance from on-demand to spot pricing


I am currently using an EC2 instance (t3.xlarge) with on-demand pricing. How can I switch the instance to spot pricing, without creating a new instance?

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It's not currently possible to convert an Amazon EC2 on-demand instance to a spot instance.

answered 2 years ago
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You can save your instance as an AMI and then use the AMI as the source for an instance launched as spot instance.

answered 2 years ago


The following tool will automate the process of converting an EC2 on-demand instance to Spot billing model:


“This tool converts existing AWS EC2 instances back and forth between On-Demand and 'persistent' Spot billing models while preserving instance attributes (Launch configuration, Tags..), network attributes (existing Private IP addresses, Elastic IP), storage (Volumes), Elastic Inference accelerators, Elastic GPUs.

Others features:

  • Can also perform Spot-to-Spot and OnDemand-to-OnDemand conversions:
  • Allow replacement of existing Spot instances with new "identical" ones to update the instance type and CPU options,
  • Help to fix some Spot instance conditions (Ex: 'IncorrectSpotRequestState Exception'),
  • Allow Root Disk encryption during conversion. Can preserve ELB Target Group instance registrations (disabled by default),
  • Can update existing CloudWatch alarms referring the converted Instance Id (disabled by default)”
answered 2 years ago

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