Looking for a WBS or detailed task list for the deployment of an LZA


Hi. I'm building a WBS / board (both will be used at different levels) for a cloud enablement project. I am looking for the list of tasks involved in a full MAP process (all 3 phases : Assess, Mobilize, Migrate and Modernize). As detailed a list as possible (I already have the high-level PPTX presentation).



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I can try to outline a general list of tasks that are typically involved in each phase of the MAP process based on my training:

This is a general outline, and the specific tasks may vary depending on the organization's requirements, the applications being migrated, and the chosen cloud platform(s).

Assess Phase:

  • Conduct application portfolio assessment
  • Identify and prioritize applications for migration
  • Perform cloud readiness assessment
  • Analyze application dependencies and integrations
  • Define migration strategy and approach
  • Develop migration plan and timelines

Mobilize Phase:

  • Set up cloud landing zones and environments
  • Configure cloud networking and security
  • Establish DevOps processes and automation
  • Build or provision infrastructure resources
  • Set up monitoring and logging
  • Conduct training and knowledge transfer

Migrate Phase:

  • Rehost (lift-and-shift) applications to the cloud
  • Refactor applications for cloud optimization
  • Migrate data and databases
  • Test and validate migrated applications
  • Cutover to cloud environment
  • Decommission on-premises infrastructure

Modernize Phase:

  • Rearchitect applications for cloud-native design
  • Implement microservices and containerization
  • Leverage managed services and serverless computing
  • Automate deployment pipelines
  • Integrate with other cloud services
  • Optimize for cost, performance, and scalability
  • Implement monitoring, logging, and observability
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answered 2 months ago

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