How much will an AWS Compute Savings Plan cover? I have 4 instances.


I'm new to AWS savings plans, and I'm having trouble understanding how to determine what it will cover. Or, more accurately, what it won't cover, so I can purchase additional SPs.

I currently have (4) EC2 instances running 24/7. Two are Linux, two are Windows, and all four are in the t3 instance class. I purchased one savings plan with a one-year commitment and a commitment rate of $0.123/hr.

I guess where my confusion lies is how to correlate the SP CR of $0.123 with my instances since they are different classes and thus they have variable SP rates. For reference, the SP rate for my instances are: $0.0083, $0.015, $0.0511, $0.0511.

How can I determine how many hours of my four instances the SP CR will ultimately cover in a month? My goal is to ensure that all of my EC2 instance utilization is covered by an SP.

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Compute Savings Plans provide the most flexibility and help to reduce your costs by up to 66%. When you purchased , one savings plan with a one-year commitment rate of $0.123/hr.These plans automatically apply to EC2 instance usage regardless of instance family, size, AZ, Region, OS or tenancy, and also apply to Fargate or Lambda usage

  • Savings Plan is first applied to the account that purchased the savings plan and then it is shared to other accounts in the consolidated billing family.
  • Let consider you have t2.micro and (Linux) and t2.medium ( Windows) Your Savings Plans are first applied to the t2.micro (Linux) it has highest discount percentage ( 28%). Reference document [1]. Which means your commitment rate of $0.123/hr applies to t2.micro instance and rest will apply to t2.medium . You can review your coverage report on Cost Explorer console. and how the report is calculated available on below document[2]



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