Unable to query the shared database received from the lakeformation as an admin user(awsuser) in the redshift cluster.


Hi , Im trying on the new feature Amazon redshift datashares via Lake formation, using blog as a reference , but at the consumer side is it possible to query the database as an admin user , instead of creating an IAM users and later delegating permissions to them to query the database. As I'm trying to query the database as an admin user(awsuser in my case) Im getting an error as "no session credential found code:8001". Any solution how to resolve this error ?

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Yes, you can query the database as an admin user instead of creating separate IAM users on the data consumer side. The 'no session credential found code:8001' error occurs because the admin user in the data consumer account does not have the necessary permissions to access the Redshift cluster.

To address this, you'll need to create a cross-account IAM role to facilitate access between the Federated Central Governance Account and the Data Consumer account. Detailed information about cross-account IAM roles can be found here.

In your Federated Central Governance Account, navigate to the AWS Lake Formation Console. From the left-hand column, select 'Data Lake Permissions', then click 'Grant'. Under IAM users and roles, choose the appropriate IAM role and select the desired permissions for the admin user from the data consumer account. To validate the permissions, proceed to 'Databases' from the left column, choose the relevant database, click 'Actions', and then 'Verify Permission' using the IAM role name.

To access the shared resources using the Data Consumer Account, assume the IAM role. Once assumed, you will have the permissions needed to view the shared resources.

Hope this helps!

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