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We have objects in intelligent tiering storage class. The bucket had an intelligent tiering configuration to move objects to Archive Access and Deep Archive access. We removed this configuration, but not before objects were moved to these tiers. For objects in Archive and Deep Archive access, we have issued restore object requests.

I would expect that archiving behavior for restored objects would follow whatever the bucket's current config specifies, and in the absence of an intelligent configuration, I would expect the default behavior of objects being moved only to the Archive Instant Access tier.

However, the documentation on restoring objects is unclear:

When you restore from the S3 Intelligent-Tiering Archive Access or Deep Archive Access tiers, the object transitions back into the S3 Intelligent-Tiering Frequent Access tier. The object automatically transitions into the Archive Access tier after a minimum of 90 consecutive days of no access. It moves into the Deep Archive Access tier after a minimum of 180 consecutive days of no access ...

This reads like objects restored from these tiers will always go back to archive or deep archive if not accessed, regardless if the bucket is only configured to move objects to Archive Instant Access. Is this actually the case? Or do restored objects obey the bucket's current config like one would expect?

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There are two different processes that need to be considered. The first of these is for objects that have already been transitioned to longer-term storage classes; for those objects when restored the storage class they transition back to as per our https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/userguide/batch-ops-initiate-restore-object.html documentation will be theS3 Intelligent-Tiering Frequent Access tier.

If you had not removed the Life Cycle policy then the police for those objects would then be applied and they would then transition to the longer-termed storage classes. However as that policy has since been updated any transitions which match the current storage tier of the restored objects will then take affect.

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