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Hi, I created an AWS Opensearch domain in a VPC, but I can't figure out how to access it? When I am clicking on AWS Opensearch dashboard it's not opening and there is a timeout. I fould 2 solutions: EC2 instance with SSH tunnel or NGINX proxy on EC2 instance.

But can I access the domain in a VPC without spinning the EC2 instance at all?

  • Kibana dashboard is accessible via nginx proxy. How do we push data from an app directly to the ES ? I couldn't sign the http request with AWS credentials nor with EC2 instance profile of the nginx server. Still times out as it is in a VPC. Second - Do we need to do VPC peering with the EKS cluster, if the app runs in EKS kubernetes cluster in order to push data to ES, which is in it's own VPC ?

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These are the 3 options available to access AWS Opensearch in a VPC

  1. Use an SSH tunnel
  2. Use an NGINX proxy
  3. Use VPN


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Do you connect to the VPC with a VPN or is it open to the world. If you dont use a VPN then: Has it been launched into a public subnet with an IGW and if so is the SG open to the outside world on the required ports?

The solutions you provide suggest that the VPC is not publicly accessible or that it is going through a NAT Gateway.

More detail on your VPC setup is required thanks!

answered 2 years ago

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