I would like the ability to have our call flow exports converted to usable diagrams using any tools ?


We would like the ability to have our call flow exports converted to usable diagrams. is there any supported tools which will convert the exported Json File downloaded from Amazon Connect console into usable diagrams ? or any other ways to do it from AWS it self ? example tools : smartdraw, Visio, Lucidchart etc. how complex this conversion should be, its for my client whose business depends on call center setup and they have shared contact flow for example, attached here !!Contact FLow Diagram

  • A very awesome guy (Gary) built this years ago for Cisco ICM script documentation and recently added Amazon Connect. I’ve not used this tool for Connect, but have used it for ICM a ton. (https://icmstransform.pythonanywhere.com/)


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you can export AWS Connect workflows to JSON: see https://docs.aws.amazon.com/connect/latest/adminguide/contact-flow-import-export.html

Many 3rd party tools can use JSON as input.



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  • Can you provide which third party tools ?? @ DIdier i have tried with Lucid and visio, i don't see any options to import json file they are pointing to excel or csv files only, can you provide steps and right tool for this use case ? That would be great !!

    i even discussed with AWS Support they don't have any solution yet, they mentioned that there back end team is implementing such feature with Visio in future as feature request.

  • Hello Didier, this allowed me to export the flow but I dont see the steps on how to get the file into a visio etc. Also are there steps to export contact flows to json file. How is that done? Thanks

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