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Hello sir, my name is Pravin. I need help to activate SSL on our website we were using earlier another hosting provider, just a couple of days back we moved our website to AWS. being a non-tech guy I have done all the installation by myself... but unfortunately, i couldn't activate SSL. domain name - I have installed it SSL as per instructions and even updated DNS, but still website is loading not secure.


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Hello Pravin, it's great to see that you've taken the initiative to move your website to AWS and even tried to install SSL by yourself. There could be many reasons why the SSL certificate isn't working properly, but let's start with some common scenarios.

Here's a simple troubleshooting guide for you:

  1. Check Your SSL Certificate: You can check if your SSL certificate is installed correctly by using an online SSL check tool like SSL Labs' SSL Server Test ( This will also tell you if there are any specific problems with your certificate.

  2. Certificate Issuer: Verify that you've got an SSL certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority (CA) and that it's been correctly installed on your server. You can use AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) to provision, manage, and deploy public and private SSL/TLS certificates.

  3. Correct Domain Name: Make sure the certificate is for the exact domain you're trying to secure. For example, a certificate for "" wouldn't cover "" and vice versa unless you're using a wildcard certificate like "*".

  4. Check Your DNS Records: Since you've just moved to AWS, you might want to double-check your DNS records to ensure that your domain is pointing to the correct server.

  5. Configure Your Server to Use SSL: Depending on which AWS service you're using for hosting (EC2, Lightsail, etc.), you'll need to configure that service to use the SSL certificate. AWS has documentation that can guide you through this process. If you're using a load balancer, you usually configure the SSL certificate termination in the load balancer.

  6. Mixed Content Warnings: Sometimes a site will say it's "not secure" because it has "mixed content". This means that while the site itself is loaded over HTTPS, some resources (like images or scripts) are loaded over HTTP. You can check for mixed content by inspecting your webpage (right click -> inspect) and looking for warnings in the console tab.

  7. Redirect HTTP to HTTPS: Ensure that your server is configured to redirect HTTP traffic to HTTPS. If it doesn't, even if your SSL is correctly installed, users might still access the non-secure version of your site.

If you've gone through all these steps and are still having issues, you might need to get AWS support involved. SSL can be tricky, and there's no shame in getting some extra help!

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