Error Launching a new Lightsail instance from snapshot


I am trying to create an instance from a recent backup after my server stopped working, however when I try to create an instance I get the following error: "Error CreateInstancesFromSnapshot[us-east-2]

This instance cannot be created because the source snapshot was created from a blueprint plesk_ubuntu_17_5_3_28 that isn't supported by the bundle xlarge_3_0 (a newer bundle type). To create an instance from this blueprint, choose an older version of this bundle type.



I tried using all the available other bundles, where can I find older version of this bundle type to restore my instance?

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Hi there!

Sorry to hear you're having this issue. If you're seeing this error through the Lightsail Console, please confirm you are following these steps:

If the error still is unresolved, instead try using the following CLI command to restore your instance:

aws lightsail create-instances-from-snapshot \
    --instance-snapshot-name {enter your instance snapshot name here} \
    --instance-names {enter your instance name here} \
    --availability-zone us-east-2a \
    --bundle-id xlarge_2_0 \
    --region us-east-2

Is your recent backup a manual snapshot or an automatic snapshot?

answered 10 months ago
  • If your snapshot is an automatic snapshot, use the following CLI command rather than the above command:

    aws lightsail create-instances-from-snapshot \
        --source-instance-name {enter your source instance name here} \
        --use-latest-restorable-auto-snapshot \     
        --instance-names {enter your new instance name here} \
        --availability-zone us-east-2a \
        --bundle-id xlarge_2_0 \
        --region us-east-2
  • We were able to reproduce this issue on our end, and have since fixed it. Please trying to use the console once again if you are still blocked on this issue.

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