AWS VPN Client endpoint resolve private dns


Now I configured -Route 53 for private hosted zone —add A record with domain name and IP of EC2 -Create EC2 running web-service -vpn client endpoint with split tunnel

How Can I use vpn with dns service for call private domain of ec2 ?

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Easy peasy.

When defining client vpn settings you can specify 2 dns servers for your vpn clients to use.

The dns endpoint within your VPC is usually its CIDR range plus 2 , 4th octect or host address.

Eg, if your VPC is set the dns server for the VPN client to be

This will allow your VPN clients to resolve addresses using the route53 resolver.

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answered a year ago

Not work

My vpc is

I configure IP dns server on VPN endpoint is

Add authorize rule already

answered a year ago

Update DNS Work!!

1.add authorize rule to 2.enable dns resolve host on VPC setting


answered a year ago

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