How to solve the problem that MTurk account have exceeded monthly credit limit?


I registered MTurk two month ago and could not publish HITS due to the credit limit. They said I have exceeded my monthly credit limit. I contact MTurk to increase my credit limit. However, they did not reply. I contact AWS and AWS transfer my case to MTurk. Then MTurk said my initial credit limit is zero because the account is new. They told me that my limit will increase as my usage increases. However, my credit limit is currently 0, which means I cannot use MTurk at all. Finally, MTurk rejected my request to increase credit limit. Because MTurk did not inform me of the specific reason for rejection, I also don't know where the problem lies. I also contacted a friend who recently registered on MTurk, and he encountered the same issue. So, are all recently registered new users unable to use MTurk at all? How does MTurk plan to resolve this problem?

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I am very sorry to hear this is happening. Unfortunately, there is no general guidance we would be able to offer here. I would advise you to contact our MTurk Support using this form:

They have the tools and insight to assist with issues such as this, please be sure to include all the details the space will allow.

I understand that you've previously reached out to them and were unable to get the desired credit limit increase, however they are the team that would have the tools and insight to advise on ways you may be able to remedy the current situation.

answered 3 months ago

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