EC2 instance - multiple unexpected reboots


Instance i-09fe0975866d2a733 in region eu-central-1 unexpectedly rebooted 3 times on 16Dec (approx 12:08, 17:13 and 17:30 UTC). I see occasional restarts due to hardware, but 3 times seems excessive. Can AWS see more details as to the cause of the reboots?

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I looked into the logs of the instance i-09fe0975866d2a733 for December 16th. I noticed that we started observing issues with the underlying host around 12:02 UTC, we tried to perform recovery actions on the host and it did seem to respond. But the failures kept on re-appearing causing you to notice another reboot on 17:13. At 17:30 we marked the host as unhealthy and migrated the instance to a new host. I hope this clarifies the reason behind these 3 reboots.

I understand that this failure is a great inconvenience for you as an AWS user. Please accept my apologies for this. I want to assure you that we make every commercially available effort to make sure Amazon Web Services is secure and resilient to provide you high reliability and massive scale.


answered 4 years ago

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