Multicast Communication between Two VPC using GRE tunnel using TGW Connect attachmnet


Is it possible to send multicast communication on a Site-to-Site VPN between AWS VPCs ? If not, I want to try to setup a GRE tunnel for this purpose between two VPC and test the multicast traffic between the two VPC. Is this possible at the moment on AWS ?

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See the reference architecture for Multicast using TGW:

Also, see the considerations section here

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  • Hi, Thank you for the above article. I have come acros this article before. It is not clear about the Connection between the AWS VPC and Corporate Data Centre. Please could you help with this.

    Could you please confirm in the final Diagram (Integrating external multicast services and AWS) :

    • Can it be a Site-to-Site VPN connection between AWS VPC and Datacenter?
    • What is the Supported Virtual Router (Cisco Only ? can Checkpoint be used ?)
    • Direct Connect or Internet (What is Internet referring in the Document? Is it Site-to-Site VPN ?)
    • AWS Site-to-Site VPN cannot be used between VPC and Datacenter
    • The EC2 instance running the router+VPN can be any vendor as long as it can tunnel the multicast traffic
    • Internet refers to connection over Internet Gateway (IGW), so your EC2 instance creates the tunnel over public internet. The Direct Connect (DX) is the alternative if you want to setup private link between the VPC and Datacenter.

    Please contact your AWS account team to get more descriptive guidance. If you don't have contact details for your AWS account team then you can use [this contact us] -form(


Hi, I was able to acheive sending and receiving the multicast IP packets from VPC in one region to VPC in another region. It was done by setting up a GRE tunnel between the VPC using Cisco Router instance within VPC at each end. I mainly had to do some research on GRE tunnel and AWS limitation to support it.

answered a year ago

Alternatively, you can create a Peering Connection between both VPCs and then add an AWS-native cloudSwXtch to one of them. This will allow you to both send and receive multicast IP traffic between VPCs regardless of what region they are in.

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answered a year ago

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