Route 53 health check status ERROR, works only on Root account.



When i set a health check on any account in my organization (except the root), i get the status always "ERROR ! ERROR" The health checkers status show success, and shows that the health check never failed but the status is always error.

When i set the same health check on the root account it just works, Its a simple HTTP health check with content check. it is checking something outside of AWS.

On the root account the status starts as "unknown" and then the health check is healthy. I have AWSFullAdmin permissions on all accounts, i have a control tower which is configured as default with no changes, i also couldn't find route53 related guard rails. I think its something with permissions but what? i'm a full admin,

Help please.

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1 Answer

I suggest to try creating the health check using AWS CLI as it might provide you with better indication of the exact error.

Another option is to search through CloudTrail events and try to spot the failed API there.

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answered 2 months ago

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