EC2 ubuntu instance get ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED (HTTP/S) in all browsers.


The instance worked perfectly and no body even touch it for the last few months.. suddenly we get the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED in all browsers, while everything look completely normally, don't see any error and all the rules are OK, status is OK, no error in the log. I can provide more details if needed.. Will appreciate any help, Thanks!

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Hi Maya,

Since you are seeing "ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED", it could be due to the following -

  • Either service not listening on the port that you are trying to connect to or not started or present.
  • Please make sure to check security groups, NACls allowing HTTP/S traffic from respective source IP.

Also, please refer this knowledge center article [1] which might help you with the steps to troubleshoot this issue.

References: [1]

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  • Thanks Vasmi, the error is with http not ssh - is it still relavent?

  • Hi Maya, Yes, it's still relevant. Please let me know if you still see any issues.


As you say there are no errors in the log then I'm assuming you can SSH onto the EC2 instance okay.

Is the webserver accessed directly over ports 80 & 443, or is there a load balancer or CloudFront distribution in front of it?

As it's been working okay for months and only now has gone bad, I'm wondering if the web server's certificate may have expired, can you check this?

Also how are things like system load and memory utilisation in AWS Console, is there any sign of resource exhaustion?

Lastly, has the host been stopped and started recently, either by you or by AWS as part of planned maintenance? If an EC2 instance is stopped and started then its public IP address will change. And if you're accessing the EC2 directly through your own domain name then the DNS entry (in Route 53 or whichever service you use) will need its value updated to be the new public IP address.

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answered 6 months ago

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