Issues when initializing AWS Directory Service


Hi, I am new to using AWS Directory Service.

I followed this lab

Next, I attached an EC2 instance using Domain Join.

My security group settings are as follows: Inbound: 3389 (My IP); All traffic ( Outbound: All traffic (Everywhere)

I've added the AmazonSSMManagedInstanceCore and the AmazonSSMDirectoryServiceAccess to my instance profile as well.

However, I am still unable to login under corp\Admin with the password created when initializing the Directory. Also, I am able to login as Administrator under the local account.

Is there anything I done wrong? My directory is AD Standard based on Windows Server 2019.

My end goal is to attach an FSx so that I can do create Lambdas to transfer files over SMB.

IaC: Lambda SMB:

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Is EC2 able to participate in Active Directory?
It is possible that you are not successfully participating in AD, so please try to participate using the steps in the document below.
Also, check the DNS settings of Windows EC2 and see if you can refer to the Managed AD IP address.

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answered 2 months ago
  • Hi Riku, thanks for providing your response.

    I have tried the manual way of going into the EC2 instance and enroll the domain. After restarting the EC2 instance it showed that it had enrolled into the domain. However, when trying corp\admin, it failed.

    I had once I managed to get it through, but subsequently it failed, despite me creating and deleting the directory multiple times, trial and error.

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