cant download the AWS OpenSearch dashboard as either PDF or PNG


Created Opensearch dashboard and need to download as PDF. After i click the reporting tab next to "EDIT" Generate Reports appears with Download PDF and PNG. But after i click the PDF OR PNG It keeps refreshing and cant download.

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Hi there, you mention that you cannot download the reports from the dashboard as either PDF or PNG. It could be possible that the domain is breaking the reporting feature.

Have you tried to use CSV reports and reformat them outside of OpenSearch as desired. Please find the below steps to generate CSV report from Kibana.

1. Save a search. 
2. Create a Visualization from the saved search.
3. Click on "Inspect" in the top right corner of the Kibana/Dashboard page. 
4. Then you will get an option to Download as CSV (Export:Raw CSV or Formatted CSV).
5. After downloading the CSV file you can use a site like Convertio[1] to convert the CSV file to PDF as you desired

References: [1]

answered 2 years ago
  • Whats the diffrent between raw csv and formatted csv? seems like there is no difference

  • One is comma separated and the other can be in a different format , like in a tabular form.

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