How can I stream from 3 cameras using one MediaLive channel


I am working on developing an app to live stream sports to the end user using MediaLive, MediaPackage and CloudFront. I want to have the capability to stream from 3 different cameras over a single channel. All 3 cameras will stream at the same time. The idea behind supporting 3 cameras is to be able to cover the whole ground and provide a better coverage. From what I have read and tried so far, I understand that I can attach only 2 RTMP Push inputs to one channel. Is there a way I can attach 3 push inputs to one channel. Or is there another solution that I can try to be able to live stream a sports event with 3 cameras.

  • are you trying to have in the output the video of the 3 cameras at the same time? Or you just want the ability to change at any time the source input between one of the 3 cameras?

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If what you are trying to accomplish is to have 3 RTMP push inputs and then change inputs at any given point in time during your live broadcast you can add several RTMP inputs in a single MediaLive channel. Currently the default limit for PUSH inputs is 5, please see the Medialive quotas here:!/services/medialive/quotas

You can always request limit increases directly in your quota console.

To attach more than one input to a channel please see the following documentation:

Due to the limitation of only 2 Push inputs per channel you can attach the 3rd input as a Link device or other type of input, effectively this way overcoming the 2 push input limit. If you have the ability to use RTMP PULL inputs then this limit of Push Inputs will not apply since you can attach up to 20 PULL inputs.

Limits of attached inputs are defined here:

Once you have all your inputs attached to your channel and you have your channel running, you can switch input by using the Schedule and setting up Input Switching, instructions on how to perform input switching are here:

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  • if your cameras have the ability to use other streaming protocols like RTP/FEC or SRT then you will not be bound by the PUSH input limits. Alternatively you can deploy EC2's in the cloud to receive the RTMPs and transform the streaming protocol into SRT, RTP/FEC or other. If your workflow allows and your cameras can output UDP multicast you can deploy a VM on-premise with MediaConnect Gateway to contribute the streams to the cloud:



I think that this series of 4 posts describes what you want to achieve: links to others in the last one



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