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Trying to ingest data from kinesis stream to redshift using firehose delivery stream. VPC is made publicly accessible and added IP address of firehose to inbound rules in security groups (modifield later). Still Getting following error : The connection to the specified Amazon Redshift cluster failed. Ensure that security settings allow Firehose connections, that the cluster or database specified in the Amazon Redshift destination configuration or JDBC URL is correct, and that the cluster is available.

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Hello, is the data delivered to your S3 bucket from Kinesis Data Firehose?

Can you check the metric DeliveryToRedshift.Success metric in CloudWatch to ensure Firehose is trying to copy data from S3 to Redshift?

Check also the IAM role assigned to Firehose towards the Redshift.

Have a look at this document depicting various use cases on this error.

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answered a month ago
  • I can see the data in S3 bucket(files for each minute). Delivery to redshift success seems 0. IAM role assigned seems to have necessary permissions and i have also unblocked firehose IP address in firewall.

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