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For OpenSearch, we make use of instance I reserved I would have expected the cost of to be halved after that, but we still pay the same for that as before we reserved

I think it is due to the fact that reserved instances only apply to the specific reserved instance types, not to larger instance types. That is to say, reserving instances will only halve the cost of, not the cost of

But how to fix this? I do not want to half our instance type because that is too small. Should I install 2 times then? And is that still possible after reserving 1 time

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It is applied from the smallest size as described in this document.
So, if you purchase another "" reserved instance, it may be applied to
However, if you are using a smaller size than, it will be applied in preference to

With instance size flexibility, the Reserved Instance discount applies to instance usage for instances that have the same family, generation, and attribute. The Reserved Instance is applied from the smallest to the largest instance size within the instance family based on the normalization factor. For an example of how the Reserved Instance discount is applied, see Scenario 2: Reserved Instances in a single account using the normalization factor.

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answered a year ago
  • Unfortunately this doesn't apply to Opensearch - only EC2 and RDS RIs


Instance Size Flexibility does not apply to Opensearch instances -

RIs are not flexible; they only apply to the exact instance type that you reserve. For example, a reservation for eight instances does not apply to sixteen instances or four instances. For full details, see Amazon OpenSearch Service pricing and FAQ.

If you use 1, you will have to buy 1 unit of Opensearch RI for

In you case - you might request to cancel the RI and request that you do a rebuy of the larger instance type RI for Opensearch.

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Ray T
answered a year ago

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