At every 30 minutes it saying "ICEBERG_VACUUM_MORE_RUNS_NEEDED: Removed 20000 files in this round of vacuum" but when I calculate the my table metadata size it didn't changed before and after the vacuum run. Can anyone tell me what to do ?. we have metadata size around 4.5 gb in icerberg table

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VACCUUM deletes orphan files and expired snapshots, but it won't delete snapshots otherwise (you would lose history).
You can expire snapshosts by configuring in the table when that should happen or by expiring them manually:

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answered 3 months ago


The error is expected as it is the behaviour of the command by design. There is a limitation on number of files set as of now to avoid query timeout while the command performs deletion of files in a single run. It is suggested to run the command multiple times until all the files are removed.

answered 3 months ago

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