Correctly enter the CNAME records provided during domain verification


I am new to the service and therefore ask for a little patience. I have to use Google Translator to be able to write my problems there.

My id is 593527305691 my domain is "".

I am trying for the first time to use the EC2 instance with the AWS Amazon free usage program.

I have created a web application and am deploying it. I need to use the SES service to manage the sending of emails from my application.

During the customization phase of the SES service, I successfully verified my email and was able to send. I carried out the domain verification phase which ended with a NEGATIVE outcome. I have inserted the CNAME records into the DNS of my domain manager as documented in the domain verification procedure.

I would ask you to check whether the records are entered correctly respecting your provisions in order to allow me to proceed, after correct authentication of the domain, to the following steps.

I attach the screenshot of the situation in the DNA manager procedure. Please support me so that I can complete the customization of the SES. I remain available for any clarification. Please be patient; I'm new.

Thank you Moreno Infoses_AwsTophost_DNS_SES

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Hello Moreno -

There are two methods for verifying your email domain in Amazon Simple Email Service (SES): Easy DKIM and "Bring Your Own DKIM" (BYIDKIM). The screenshot of the SES settings that you provided shows three CNAME records, so it looks like you want to use Easy DKIM for domain verification.

Looking at the screenshot from your DNS provider, TopHost, I see that you added the new DNS records with a record type ("Tipo") of TXT. Easy DKIM uses CNAME records for verification, however. Can you try changing the record type to CNAME on TopHost to see if that fixes the verification issue? It may take some time for the record change to propagate, depending on your time-to-live (TTL) settings on TopHost.

You can find more information in the Easy DKIM in Amazon SES chapter of the SES documentation. You can also refer to the Domain and Email address verification problems section of the documentation for additional help.

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answered 5 months ago

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