SQS FIFO Queue subscribed to SNS FIFO topic stopped receiving messages suddenly


Hello forum,

I am facing a weird issue and that is not consistent. I have a SQS FIFO Queue subscribed to SNS FIFO topic. I have added a filter policy to receive only specific messages (messages with specific attributes) on SQS FIFO Queue. This setup is working fine.

But since last few weeks Im facing an issue where the SQS FIFO Queue suddenly stops receiving any messages. This occurred around 5 to 6 times since last three weeks.

Please find the observations below for the tests performed to confirm that there is no issue with SNS (publishing on SNS FIFO topic successfully) and the issue is with same SQS FIFO Queue -

  1. I created one other SQS FIFO Queue with different name but same configurations (i.e. subscribing to same SNS FIFO topic with same filter policy). I observed that the new SQS FIFO Queue immediately starts receiving messages but the old SQS FIFO Queue is unable to receive message.
  2. If I subscribe the existing SQS FIFO Queue to other SNS FIFO topic and publish on the SNS FIFO topic, the existing SQS FIFO queue did not receive any message. While another SQS FIFO Queue subscribed to this SNS FIFO topic was receiving the published messages.
  3. I also observed that the old SQS FIFO Queue stars receiving messages automatically after couple of hours.
  4. If I delete this SQS FIFO Queue and create a new with same name and configurations, the new SQS FIFO Queue starts receiving messages immediately.
  5. All SQS FIFO Queues are being affected for one specific SNS FIFO topic. And to this SNS FIFO topic Im publishing from AWS Lambda.
  6. For other SNS FIFO topic to SQS FIFO Queue is not at all affected and its working fine all the time.

I have already tried this but it's of no use.

Has anyone faced similar issue and help me with this.

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My first thought is "IAM permissions". Please check and make sure that the IAM roles/permissions assigned are correct and haven't changed.

Otherwise if this doesn't help, please contact our support team - they can look at your configuration and determine what the problem is.

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answered a year ago
  • Thank you for the response. I don't find any issue with IAM permissions. Have raised query for this with support.

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