Is it possible to limit a single user to a single connection?


When a user is connected to an AppStream session in one location (on one computer), then launches a session from another workstation (or browser window), the original connection is still maintained. Compared to Workspaces or Citrix or other solutions, this is unexpected as usually the new connection causes the original one to disconnect.

  • You're correct that this happens, appreciate you bringing attention to this so we can address it.

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AppStream sessions are not re-used or forcibly taken over should a user log in a second time. A new session is established on a new instance, as you indicated.

For a user to change devices/browsers/locations and retain the current session, they would need to disconnect first and reconnect within the specified timeout period (admin-configurable) to connect to the same session and continue.

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answered 2 years ago
  • Nope. Sorry, but I’ve replicated this myself. I can connect to the same domain joined session from my Mac laptop in two different browsers and from a Windows Workspace in Virginia at the same time.

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