Steps to use on-prem Virtual machine as AWS CLI for AWS EKS FARGATE CLUSTER.


Recently I have created a Fargate cluster.I want to access that Fargate profile using on-prem VM ubuntu as AWS CLI. How to setup this?

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To access an AWS Fargate cluster from an on-premises Ubuntu VM using the AWS CLI, you'll need to set up the AWS CLI on your Ubuntu VM and configure it with the necessary AWS credentials and region. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you set it up:

Install AWS CLI: Open a terminal on your Ubuntu VM. Run the following command to install the AWS CLI:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install awscli

Configure AWS CLI:

Once the installation is complete, run the following command to configure the AWS CLI:

aws configure

You will be prompted to enter your AWS Access Key ID, Secret Access Key, default region, and output format. You can obtain these credentials from the AWS Management Console by creating an IAM user with the necessary permissions for accessing your Fargate cluster. After entering the required information, the AWS CLI will create a configuration file (~/.aws/config) with your credentials.

Verify AWS CLI Setup:

To verify that the AWS CLI is configured correctly, run the following command:

aws sts get-caller-identity

If the configuration is correct, you should see details about the IAM user associated with the provided credentials. Access Fargate Cluster:

Once the AWS CLI is configured, you can use various AWS CLI commands to interact with your Fargate cluster. For example, to list the ECS clusters in your account, you can use the following command:

aws ecs list-clusters

To describe a specific Fargate cluster, you can use the describe-clusters command:

aws ecs describe-clusters --cluster-name your-cluster-name

Replace your-cluster-name with the name of your Fargate cluster. Additional Considerations:

Ensure that the IAM user or role used to configure the AWS CLI has the necessary permissions to access the Fargate cluster and perform the desired actions. If your Fargate cluster is within a VPC, ensure that your on-premises Ubuntu VM has network connectivity to the VPC, either through VPN or Direct Connect.

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