Cost Implications of Increasing Elastic IP Limits in AWS


I understand that AWS Elastic IPs have a limit of 5 per region. I'm aware that I can request an increase in this limit through Service Quotas. However, I'm curious if the increase in quota is a concept of "slots", meaning the maximum allowable limit increases (for example, if all 5 are in use, the maximum limit increases to 10, allowing for the allocation of Elastic IPs to the remaining 5 slots when desired), or if Elastic IPs are immediately allocated and provided. Since AWS charges for unutilized Elastic IPs, I assume there would be no charge in the former scenario, but there might be in the latter.

I recognize that it's recommended to use up to 5 IPs per region and it's best to design with only 5 in mind. However, given my current situation, I am considering increasing the limit. Whether I'm charged solely for the increase will affect my decision.

I would greatly appreciate your response.

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If you think your architecture warrants additional Elastic IP addresses, you can request a quota increase directly from the Service Quotas console. Increasing the limit will not generate any cost.

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  • I appreciate your response. Regarding the slot concept, am I correct to understand that while the maximum limit can increase, actual charges are only incurred when the Elastic IP is allocated?

  • Exactly, you pay for allocated IP addresses when they are not associated with a running instance or when they are associated with a stopped instance or unattached network interface.

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