Cannot Share Cloud9 Environment with Users in my Team


I'm trying to share a Cloud9 Environment created by one of the users in our team with another member. No matter the permission level of the users sharing/receiving an invite I keep getting an error message:

"Error adding environment member The security token included in the request is invalid"

I've tried with an admin who has the AWS managed "AdministratorAccess" policy sharing it to a user with "AWSCloud9User" and a different user with "AWSCloud9Administrator" privileges. Neither of these worked and they kept giving me the same error message. I even tried using the root user to share an environment that the root created.

I read through the AWS Cloud9 sharing documentation and it appears that I've been following the guide correctly. I used the console method to set it up.

Any ideas on what may be going wrong here? I can't even find someone else who ran into the same error message as me which I find hard to believe. Someone out there must have had a similar issue. Thanks for the help in advance.

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In order to share a Cloud9 environment with other users you can go to Collaborate -> Share and add the IAM user as a member of the environment. If it's an IAM user from the same AWS account you can simply type the IAM user name but if it's from the other account/using federated access - you need to type the ARN for the assumed role for that user: arn:aws:sts::XXXXXXXXXX:assumed-role/<rolename>/<username>.

Please also refer this article which explains a similar issue

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  • This does not work. This used to work but recently we've started experiencing the same issue as the above. All IAM users are under the same AWS account. We are using Cloud9 in the us-east-1 region and connected to our server via SSH.

  • Just to clarify for anyone who might look at the answer, the linked article is what solved it for me. I had to put the full ARN of the user into the invite box instead of just the username. The AWS docs indicated that only the username was necessary, but it seems like that is not correct.

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