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I am sending 5000 accounts for s3 bucket quota increaser request that has through below call quota_increase(session, account.account_id, account.user_name, region, 's3', 'L-DC2B2D3D', 200) I wanted to know is there any issue with if I send the request for these many accounts. I am sending request through 'Multithreading'. Want to know how many requests this API can handle.

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Good day! Nice stuff!

The specifics of the limits for the 'quota_increase' function you're using would depend on how it was implemented at the time. It would be subject to the limitations of those services if it used AWS Service Quotas or another equivalent service.

Let's now discuss AWS Service Quotas. You may monitor and manage your quotas, which are also known as limits, from a single location with the help of AWS Service Quotas. The maximum amount of resources that can be created in an AWS account is constrained by quotas. The number of quota increase requests you can submit at once is not specified in the AWS Service Quotas specification as of my most recent update in September 2021.

But be aware of the Rate Limiting that AWS applies to API queries. Each AWS service has its own preset request rate caps, and going over them may occasionally result in an "HTTP 429: Too Many Requests" error.

The good news is that each account is subject to a different rate cap, which is often high. You ought to have enough breathing room because you're handling several accounts.

However, keep in mind that while using multithreading with AWS SDKs, exception handling must be taken into consideration. In order to avoid encountering those "HTTP 429" problems, make sure to include retry logic with exponential back off.

I would advise getting in touch with AWS Support directly if you want to be certain. They'll be able to give you the most precise and recent information about this.

Good luck with your quota increase requests.

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I am using only 30 workers while sending request. How can I get in touch with AWS Support to confirm this ask. Currently I am not using any retry logic as such. To be precise there are 4500 accounts I am sending requests with. Can I contact AWS support directly

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