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I have a desktop application that uses storage of EBS volume & S3 together & need to create a backup plan using the AWS backup service. I am evaluating the AWS backup service & created a backup plan for the same.

My problem statement is while uploading the data to s3 & EBS if something breaks or goes down I need to restore to the environment to that particular time. (checked continuous backup /PITR feature ). Currently, I'm not able to simulate the state. Can Amazon backup will do the job? to restore the state? If yes can I able to restore data in sync (both EBS & S3) also, I am creating a solution that restores EC2 by using AMI & attaching a volume snapshot & s3 while creating a new instance. a small problem is here my application has some logs/registers in root volumes. does that create a problem while restoring the state? can you suggest an optimal solution or any suggestion in the current approach?

Suggestions for a new approach is also welcome!


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"PITR" can be used with the AWS services described in the following documentation.
So I don't think it can be used on regular EC2 instances. (There is no point in checked PITR.)
The EC2 AMI will be restored to the data at the time the AMI was acquired.
Therefore, it is not possible to restore by specifying a time like "PITR".

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answered 4 months ago

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