AWS Redshift Super User Account and Password Recovery


Account ID: Prod: 131589172376 Beta: 262759069249 Gamma: 750759106457 Region: us-east-1

Hello our team is from Customer Trust Ads team. We set up the redshift serverless in those accounts last year. The person who set it up left Amazon and we dont know the super user account and password for those redshift. So asking for recovering the account and password for some data analysis and redshift usage.

Thanks Zhaoyan

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Here are some steps to take to recover or reset superuser credentials for Amazon Redshift Serverless

  1. Identify the IAM User with Full Access:

Ensure that you have IAM credentials with full administrative access to your AWS account. Access the Redshift Console:

Navigate to the Amazon Redshift console -> Modify the Admin User Password:

  1. If you have IAM permissions to modify the Redshift cluster, you can reset the admin password through the AWS Management Console:

In the Redshift console, select your serverless namespace -> Choose the Actions menu -> Select Modify Admin Password -> Enter a new password and confirm it -> Apply the changes.

  1. Use AWS CLI to Reset Password:

If you prefer using the AWS CLI, you can reset the admin password with the following command:

 aws redshift-data execute-statement \
     --cluster-identifier your-cluster-identifier \
     --database your-database-name \
     --db-user your-iam-db-user \
     --sql "ALTER USER admin_user_name PASSWORD 'new_password';"
  • Replace your-cluster-identifier, your-database-name, your-iam-db-user, admin_user_name, and new_password with your specific details.
  1. Create a New Superuser:

If you cannot reset the existing admin password, you can create a new superuser: Connect to the Redshift cluster using an IAM role with sufficient permissions -> Run a SQL command to create a new superuser:

 CREATE USER new_superuser_name WITH PASSWORD 'new_password';
 ALTER USER new_superuser_name CREATEUSER;
 Replace new_superuser_name and new_password with your desired username and password.

For additional details on the above steps, refer to the following:

Amazon Redshift Management

Modifying Amazon Redshift Clusters

Redshift Serverless

If these steps are unsuccessful in recovery, you can reach out to AWS Support for further assistance. They will likely be able to assist with regaining access to your Redshift cluster.

answered 25 days ago

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