VPC elastic ip address has been reached, request more elastic ip


we are move EC2-Classic to EC2-VPC (US-East) and move classic elastic ip to VPC. The max no. address has been reached. Would you help to add more elastic ip (+30) . current our running 43 instance.

Regards, Chris

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re:Post is not the right place to ask for this. Instead, open the Quota Support Console and request the limit to be raised.

Also, you might consider changing your design so that you don't require so many public IP addresses. I don't know how you would go about that (not enough information here) but it might make your environment easier to manage and secure by reducing your exposure to the Internet.

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You can use Service Quotas from within your AWS account console to request a quota increase to EC2-VPC Elastic IPs.

Bellow references to AWS documentation to help you in this process:

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