Error pulling image from ECR through Internet proxy


Hi, we are getting an error pulling images from ECR private repositories from a server that get access to Internet through a web proxy. We ask proxy admin to allow access to <ACCOUNT_ID> We are using aws cli to authenticate with amazon and docker, docker login is successful with aws token, however when we pull the image we get an error like this, after some timeouts reported by docker trying to get image layers:

error pulling image configuration: download failed after attempts=6: dial tcp i/o timeout

Docker pull command is something like:

docker pull <ACCOUNT_ID><repository>:<TAG>

Appreciate your help, what are we missing ? Is there some additional domain/endpoint we have to enable access on web proxy configuration ? Do we need add to web proxy allowed targets ? Something else ?

Appreciate your help.

1 Answer

Need to communicate with the following endpoints.

Also consider using VPC Endpoints.

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answered 2 years ago
  • Thanks, your help is appreciated. We validated successfully we can reach these endpoints with curl, however we get the same error when tried to pull the image. Getting the ECR token and therefor docker login to ECR is successful. However image pull fails miserably with a timeout error.

    We noted that s3 endpoint returns a redirect to , we follow the redirect successfully also.

    Is like docker pull operation use another endpoint/domain, or get in conflict with proxy. We ensure also proxy env variables targeting to we proxy were set before all tests.

    Appreciate your help.

    Best !

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