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Hi, I'm having a problem trying to see the spend for a particular instance. For this I use COST EXPLORER. In the right panel, where you can choose the filters, I try to select the cost of a particular instance by its label, but the system does not show me the labels of the EC2 instances. Since I consider that by label it would be the way to individualize the cost of an EC2 instance. Not finding another way to do it, since some instances change type according to the needs of the users. My goal is to be able to individualize the cost of each EC2 instance on a monthly basis. Thank you very much in advance, best regards.

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What about using cost allocation tags?
EC2 can also be sorted individually by setting its own cost allocation tags.

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Hi there. If your resources are properly tagged you should be able to use the 'Tag' filter in Cost Explorer to only display charges related to this particular tag value. On the right side of the cost explorer scroll down in the 'Filters' section until you find 'Tag', there you first select the tag key (in the example below the key would be 'Department'. This enables an additional drop down where you can then select all the tag values you'd like to filter by.
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If the tag key you are looking for is not listed in the drop down menu, you have not enabled this tag as a Cost Allocation Tag, as the previous answer alludes to. For Cost Explorer to be able to use a tag, you must first activate it in the Billing console. Once this is done, it will show up in the Cost Explorer console and you'll be able to use it for your reports.

Hope this helps

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