Mounting On-prem NFS share to an EC2 instance


Hi, Need urgent help please. If someone can please respond and guide asap

Here is my scenario -

I have an App server hosted on a private AWS EC2 (can't be exposed to public network). This is a lift and shift of the customer's on-prem app server. So far so good.

Before migrating to AWS, customer's on-prem App server had 2 types of NFS mounts where the files were dropped for the App server to access

  1. NFS mounts from customer's on-prem corporate network (A). There is a 200mbps direct connect from the customer's on-prem corporate network to AWS.
  2. NFS mounts from remote servers located in a partner data centre (B). There is no direct connectivity from this partner data centre to AWS. However, there is a private connectivity between this partner data centre to the customer's corporate network (A)

Now post the migration, how can I ensure these 2 types of NFS shares can be mounted/accessed on to the new EC2 instance as well?

Please help asap

Thanks Rohit

1 Answer

Short answer: Yes, this works.

Longer: If Site B can communicate with Site A; and site A can communicate with the AWS VPC; then generally Site B will be able to communicate with the VPC.

This does depend on whether Site A (the routers/switches/firewalls) allow communication from Site B to AWS so that would be the thing to check. If possible, avoid overlapping IP addresses; and ensure that firewalls allow two-way communications.

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answered 2 years ago
  • Thanks Brettski, yeah I thought so that Site B can communicate with AWS via Site A provided all components like routers, switches etc are aligned. However, taking a step back, my first question is even more basic - how do I mount the existing on-prem NFS shares to the EC2 instance (site A or site B). Can I do that? I am not using EFS. Thanks again

  • NFS is network agnostic. If the endpoints can communicate with each other (IP/TCP/UDP and appropriate ports) then NFS works. There's no difference (except in performance) mounting a NFS share that is on the machine next to you as compared to one across the world.

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