Is it possible to monitor the selected streaming protocol/codec on WSP WorkSpaces?


On the WorkSpaces WSP homepage, it states "WSP decouples the streaming protocol from the WorkSpace by offloading metric analysis, codec selection, and encoding to microservices that run natively on AWS. This lets WSP apply a better understanding of each user’s session that adapts its industry-standard and purpose-built codecs in real-time to provide a consistent user experience across challenging network conditions."

Is it possible to have insight into what codec is being selected for a user's session, and why? We have had some users report a less than optimal experience (blurriness, pixelation, lag, session disconnects) while using WSP WorkSpaces, despite having a fast, reliable network connection. Ideally we would be able to manually select the codec in situations like this, but at the very least some better information about the user's session would be helpful.

We are already using CloudWatch to monitor in-session latency and other metrics, as well as third-party tools to monitor the system performance on the WorkSpace.

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You cannot. If the performance is consistently not optimal, I recommend migrating to a PCoIP bundle.

answered 2 years ago

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