Change the password of EC2 window Server 2019


Hi Team,

How can we change the administrator password of EC2 window Server 2019 in every week by runbook/SSM in AWS ?

If I want to fetch the password from pem file from the AWS console after changing the password then can easily retrieve.

I want to change the password for safe side in every week automatically.

Thanks, Anuj Gupta

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1 Answer

It should be possible to do this by creating a custom document containing a step to run a PowerShell script that changes the password and copies it off the Windows host. Then you could have a step that stores it in an S3 bucket for later use. The runbook can be configured to run on a schedule using Change Calendar. (For putting an object in an S3 bucket) (or running a custom shell/powershell script)

I would recommend also consulting with the EC2 Windows team about this and ensuring there are no security concerns in this process

answered 7 months ago

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