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Hi everyone, I was recently using the 'glue.error.all' observability metric to send me a notification when my glue jobs fail through SNS topics. It was working fine, but recently I checked and saw that the 'glue.error.all' metric does not show any more on my CloudWatch Glue Observability Metrics anymore. Is there a reason for this or is there something I can do to make it available again?

Below are the configurations I used which worked for a couple months until recently I noticed the metric didn't exist anymore. Statistic : SUM

Period : 60

MetricName: glue.error.ALL

TreatMissingData :notBreaching

ComparisonOperator : GreaterThanOrEqualToThreshold

Threshold: 1

  • I believe if there are no errors the metric is not published

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As mentioned by Gonzalo, this could be one of the reason that if there are no errors then the metric is not published. Please verify the latest job runs to confirm the same. Further to troubleshoot this could you please verify the IAM permissions for the Glue job's role to ensure there are all the required permissions. Also I would request you to once check your cloudtrail logs in the respective time period to see if there are any errors there which could explain the same.

Further, as a workaround you can instead follow the instructions from the below documentation to get SNS notifications based on when your job status changes to "FAILED" instead of using the 'glue.error.all' metric.

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