S3 https POST operation certificate requirement in client


Hi, I am working on using https POST to write data block into AWS S3 directly, it is working fine in PC Postman without any dedicated client certificate being installed in the PC. May I confirm there is no need of any certificate to be installed in client side to perform such operation of https POST, what ever the client is in any platform like Linux and embedded modem ? Thank you.

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No client certificate is required as in mutal TLS however, if your software verifys that certificates are valid, then you will need to ensure you have the Signing CA certs installed or ignore certificate validation checks

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answered 2 months ago
  • Thanks for your reply. (1) In the client side, does CA cert obtained from Let's Encrypt will work ? Or must have to purchase CA cert like from Comodo ? (2) In AWS side, will AWS request any certificate from client ? Thank you.

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