Billing clarifications for January 2024 -- continued



A few days ago I checked my possible expenses and was surprised to see some unexpected charges calculated. I try to explain myself as clearly as possible.

I'm new to the service and I'm using the free deployment service provided by AWS for the first time. my id code is 593527305691 my domain is ""

I manage the web space provided by AWS for a NON-PROFIT voluntary association. I apologize if I express myself incorrectly, but I am new to the service and I don't know English well; I am forced to use Google Translator to be able to write to you.

I created an EC2 instance in the "Stockholm" region. I then tried to open an SES service, again in the "Stockholm" region to be able to use the sending of emails from my web Application. I'm still stuck verifying my domain so I can't use the SES service.

I don't understand what these charges refer to which I think will increase every day of the month. The projection made today calculated me 0.56 USD.

I think I may have inadvertently made some operational errors, and therefore I ask you to help me understand the problem and fix it.

I would not want the SES service to have been opened in a Region other than "Stockholm". If so, please help me fix the problem by bringing the service back to the "Stockholm" region.

You may also wonder if it was possible to "Block" my account to that Region to prevent the problem from inadvertently recurring.

I received a response to my original question headed "Clarifications on invoicing for the month of January 2024" from one of your moderators on behalf of AWS Support - Dino

I ask you the great kindness of helping me in these first contacts, because I find it very difficult to send any communications.

I remain available for any clarification. Sincerely


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I created an EC2 instance in the "Stockholm" region.

This is a service that is chargeable. Select the region, OS and instance type at this link for pricing details

I then tried to open an SES service, again in the "Stockholm" region to be able to use the sending of emails from my web Application. I'm still stuck verifying my domain so I can't use the SES service.

So if you can't use SES yet, it means there is nothing to see here

The only other thing you have done is launch an EC2 instance in Stockholm, so this must be what the charges are for. The EC2 Dashboard for the Stockholm region is here

All EC2 instances in that region, including any stopped instances, are here

You mention in your other question that the account is in-scope of Free Tier. If this is correct, when AWS generates an invoice at the end of the month, free tier entitlements will be applied to your bill.

You can see how much free tier entitlement you have, and how much you have used, here

For EC2, free tier basically amounts to:

  • account created within the past 12 months
  • t2.micro or t3.micro instance
  • Amazon Linux
  • 30GB gp2 or gp3 EBS volume

Even though your total today is USD 0.56, as long as you keep within free tier the amount on the invoice at the end of the month should be USD 0.00

More details about free tier

How to avoid unexpected charges

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answered 3 months ago

I apologize for using incorrect form in trying to document my problem. I have read the community guidelines and frankly I can't find where I may have made any communication errors. I seem to be respectful towards everyone and use language without offense or negative evaluations of others. Maybe I entered my code and domain name wrong. If the problem is identifiable here, I promise not to repeat it in the future. I would like to know if my lapse is related to the "Being appropriate" point of the community guidelines. If this is not the point, I kindly ask you to indicate to me the point that I did not respect, to avoid having to deal with a similar reminder again.

At the same time, I kindly ask you to respond to the questions and clarifications I have asked.

I will try to take advantage of this recommendation and my subsequent posts will be completely respectful of the rules of the community. Thank you


answered 3 months ago

hi Moreno! I highly recommend opening a support case to our billing team, as they would be in a better position to view the charges on your account and help you with an answer. On this forum (here on re:Post) we can provide general answers to most common questions, but sometimes, when it comes to billing queries, we don't have visibility of your account (and we shouldn't have this visibility because of privacy and security restrictions).

Even if you don't have a paid support plan, you can still open account and billing related queries from your AWS account -

You can provide the same information you posted here, in the support case that you will open. Hopefully, our billing support team should be able to help you with this.

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answered 3 months ago

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