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Hello everyone, I have a question related to the implementation of SaaS product through AWS marketplace. One of the steps involves subscribing to specific topics provided by AWS to receive notifications about customer contract/subscription state.

Here's the documentation link:

My question concerns subscribing to these AWS topics. The documentation recommends using Amazon SQS as the endpoint subscription. Is it possible to use an HTTPS endpoint instead? Our preference is to use our own HTTPS endpoint for handling these notifications, but if not feasible, we could implement logic to poll SQS.

While inspecting the documentation for the SNS, I discovered that it's possible to utilize an HTTPS endpoint.

Thanks in advance! FraBek

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I believe they mention both SNS and SQS to exploit a fan-out pattern:

In that way you can scale large amounts of events.

You are correct though, you can also try to leverage SNS topic and subscribe to an endpoint: as first step, and then fallback to fanout if you get into scalability and performance issues

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answered 2 months ago

Thanks for the answer, Antonio.

But I'm not asking for the standard SNS topics. Mentioned AWS marketplace topics are provided to seller during product creation, and it says that we are not the owners of these topics, only we can subscribe to them, and it only mentions SQS, not any other type of endpoint. Is it possible to subscribe HTTPs endpoint to these specific AWS marketplace topics?

I've found another question regarding this matter, here on re:POST ( This guy is interested in subscribing to these topics using Lambda functions, but the support says it is not possible, due to the fact that we are not owners of these topics (AWS is).


answered 2 months ago

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