How to customize DynamoDB used by Kinesis Data Stream to reduce costs?


Hi everyone,

My client is asking about how would be the best way to customize the DynamoDB table used and created by Kinesis Data Streams. The main goal is reduce costs of this implementation but I can't find any information regarding this topic, so:

  • Is possible to customize the DynamoDB used by Kinesis Data Streams to reduce costs?
  • Is really necessary to use DynamoDb along with Kinesis Data Streams?
  • I am not sure if I understand the question correctly - Can you post an architecture diagram ? Kinesis Data Stream(KDS) does not publish data to DynamoDB, but in case you mean DynamDB Data stream it does use KDS for Change Capture Data (CDC) .

1 Answer

It is possible to customize the DynamoDB used by Kinesis Data Streams... You can reduce cost in different ways like provisioned throughput - you can define your own RCU and WCU that is reserved by the dynamo table. Also, You can use data retention after a specific period if not needed. Reduce the number of GSIs. Also, do the capacity planning correctly, and do not over-provision or use Dynamo autoscaling...

You can also go with some other solution as per your requirement with S3 and Redshift. But DDB is good as it is NoSql.

answered a year ago

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