How do I give permission to a developer to use AWS Chatbot?


Hello all,

I have a developer, who is a member of the organization's admin group in IAM, got this message (see below screenshot) when they tried to set up AWS Chatbot client for notifications in a Microsoft Teams channel. They are already in the admin group, which has AWS Chatbot listed, so I'm confused why they got this message. I'm still new to AWS IAM permissions but I've looked at their permissions on their user and looked at group that they're in. Is this a resource policy and not a user policy change? Or something else? I hope someone can enlighten me on how to fix this. Let me know if more information is needed.

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Hi, JoshQA

Please take a look at these AWS Chatbot permissions policies, specifically for Microsoft Teams setup.,create%20a%20configuration.

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answered 2 months ago

Unfortunately it didn't, I got the same error myself. It might be a Microsoft Teams issue or an issue with not having chatbot::getwidget permission for me. Where would that be added? As a policy?

answered 2 months ago

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